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About Us

Pickleball Admin is powered by an excited group of ordinary everyday people who are enthusiastic about the fastest growing sport in the world.

Our mission is to introduce the game to school and park administrators, social workers, networkers and others who are in a position to enable youth to enjoy this phenomenal pastime.

We are consistently working to develop relationships with other organizations and likeminded individuals with contacts and resources. Alone we are limited and less effective.  However, when we join forces, we have the potential to make Pickleball happen in places where there are children who need something positive to do.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone everywhere has a Pickleball Story to tell.

It's Pickleball Baby donates half of its net profit to orgs that enable youth to play Pickleball.

We invite you to join us on this journey to make Pickleball Matter.

At the end of the day: It's Pickleball Baby!